Umannto (born 1985 in Ulm) is a German music producer and filmmaker from Stuttgart.
It all started with his love for the hip-hop culture. In his youth Umannto produced beats, wrote poetry and learned to rap and to DJ. He made his first music videos and performed with his friends in youth houses and clubs. Because of his wide musical taste, he soon produced music in a variety of genres - drum 'n' bass, dubstep, and house music.
In 2013, he released the album "Django Boogie" with his first band, Lucid Dream - a novel mixture of rap, funk and electro.
He has also gained a foothold in the film industry. He wrote screenplays, directed commercials and corporate films, and worked as a producer.

Later he developed a love for ancient folk music from the Orient, Balkan and other parts of the world. And the sound of his latest Organic House songs is characterized by these influences.
Driving oriental drums, mystic oud sounds and samples from old records from the Middle East are often part of his unique style.
When he performs live, he mixes his own songs with selected Organic House tracks from other producers and creates a very eclectic experience.
In 2021 his EP "Arabian Flower" was released by the label Cafe De Anatolia. And in spring 2022 a new track will be released by the Swedish House label HMWL.



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